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 What is Easyapp?
Solution Easyapp Collection or commonly called as just "Easyapp" is a collection of 30+ PHP/MySQL applications such as blogs, CMS portals, forums, e-commerce engines, etc. These application can be easily installed through our Shared Hosting client's HSphere control panel. Below are some of the applications included with the collection:

Mambo CMS
Mambo Open Source is the finest open source Web Content Management System available today. Mambo Open Source makes communicating via the Web easy.

b2evolution is probably the most comprehensive blog engine you can find! It includes almost any feature you could expect from a blog tool, and more!

Advanced Poll
Advanced Poll is a polling system with powerful administration tool.It features: multiple polls, templates, unlimited options, multi-language support, IP-Logging, IP-Locking,cookie support, comment feature, vote expire feature,random poll support and more.

Coppermine Photo Gallery
Coppermine Photo Gallery is a picture gallery script. Users can upload pictures with a web browser (thumbnails are created on the fly), rate pictures, add comments and send e-cards. The admins can manage the galleries and batch add pictures that have been uploaded on the server by FTP. Support for multimedia files has been added recently.

PHP Wiki
A WikiWikiWeb is a web site where anyone can edit the pages through an HTML form. Linking is done automatically on the server side; all pages are stored in a database.

phpMyChat is an easy-to-use multi-room chat based on PHP and a database.

Sugar CRM
SugarCRM is a suite of business automation tools for managing your marketing, sales and customer service operations. From leads to contacts, opportunities to cases, the Sugar Suite helps you track and gain insight into your customers.

FEED ON FEEDS, your server side personal RSS (and Atom!) aggregator.

This PHP Site Recommendation script will allow your visitors to enter their contact information and recommend your site to as many recipients as you specify (only one required). The default messages are easily modified. Look and feel is customizable via the stylesheet. You can choose to be notified when your site has been recommended...notification will show recipient(s) AND the message. Email addresses are hidden so they will not be harvested by spammers. Also contains error checking and validation and does not require database access.

Help Center Live is a `Live` help desk system written in PHP using a MySQL database backend that features Live Support, Trouble Tickets and FAQ within one project.

PHP scripts to let non-technical users create surveys, administer surveys, gather results, view statistics. All managed online after database initialization. MySQL database backend.

phpMyCounter is an easy to use, yet sophisticated counter.

CubeCart is an eCommerce script written with PHP & MySQL . With CubeCart you can setup a powerful online store as long as you have hosting supporting PHP and one MySQL database.

A free software package originally designed for web-hosting resellers to handle clients, orders, invoices, notes and helpdesk, but no longer limited to hosting resellers.

XMB Forum
XMB is a fully scalable, highly customizable Open Source message board software. XMB has a user-friendly interface, simple set up, stable performance, and tons of features. Based on the powerful PHP language and the MySQL database, XMB is a very powerful combination, suitable to everyone's needs.

PHP Nuke - open source professional portal system.

phpAdsNew is an open-source ad server, with an integrated banner management interface and tracking system for gathering statistics. With phpAdsNew you can easily rotate paid banners and your own in-house advertisements. You can even integrate banners from third party advertising companies.

Access and manage your private, shared or public bookmarks from any computer and browser connected to the Internet! Create personal, family, team, company or enterprise-wide bookmarks with flexible access rules, permissions and customizable design!

Web Cards
This project enables a Webmaster to add an "e-card" system to their website. The Webmaster can upload images for the user to put on their e-cards. He then has full control to add/edit/delete any of the pictures. The system includes a full administration control panel including ability to ban by email address and IP address, edit messages sent to recipients of a WebCard, template/CSS editor, ability to add/remove/edit further administrators and an admin toolbox for various maintenance tasks. The "send WebCard" page features the ability to filter images by category and will also verify email addresses. The system outputs friendly error messages and instructions on how to remedy the situation. A full installer is also included.

XOOPS is an extensible, OO (Object Oriented), easy to use dynamic web content management system written in PHP . XOOPS is the ideal tool for developing small to large dynamic community websites, intra company portals, corporate portals, weblogs and much more.

phpMyFAQ is a multilingual, completely database-driven FAQ-system. For the time being a MySQL database (support for other databases is under development) is used to store all data in MySQL  4.1.0 (or higher) is needed in order to access this data. phpMyFAQ also offers a Content Management-System, flexible multi-user support, a news-system, user-tracking, language modules, templates, extensive XML-support, PDF-support, a backup-system and an easy to use installation script.

CS Live Helper
A multi-user, multi-operator, multi-department live Help support chat system that allows the operators of the websites to monitor their visitors as they are browsing the site and proactively open a chat session with the visitor.

Gallery is a web based software product that lets you manage your photos on your own website. You must have your own website with PHP support in order to install and use it. With Gallery you can easily create and maintain albums of photos via an intuitive interface. Photo management includes automatic thumbnail creation, image resizing, rotation, ordering, captioning, searching and more. Albums can have read, write and caption permissions per individual authenticated user for an additional level of privacy.

SM Forum
SMF is a next-generation community software package and is jam-packed with features, while at the same time having a minimal impact on resources.

PHPBB2 is a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable Open Source bulletin board package. PhpBB2 has a user-friendly interface, simple and straightforward administration panel, and helpful FAQ. Based on the powerful PHP server language and your choice of MySQL, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL or Access database servers, PhpBB is the ideal free community solution for all websites.

osCommerce2 is an online shop E-commerce solution under on going development by the open source community. Its feature packed out-of-the-box installation allows store owners to setup, run, and maintain their online stores with minimum effort and with absolutely no costs or license fees involved.

PHProjekt is a modular application for the coordination of group activities and to share informations and document via intranet and internet.

e107 is a content management system written in PHP and using the popular open source MySQL data base system for content storage. It's completely free and totally customizable, and in constant development.

vtiger CRM is an Open Source CRM software mainly for small and medium businesses. vtiger CRM is built over proven, fast, and reliable LAMP/WAMP (Linux/Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) technologies and other open source projects.

WebCalendar is a PHP-based calendar application that can be configured as a single-user calendar, a multi-user calendar for groups of users, or as an event calendar viewable by visitors.

DokuWiki is a simple to use Wiki aimed at a small companies documentation needs. It works on plain texts files and thus needs no database. It has a simple but powerful Syntax which makes sure the datafiles remain readable outside the Wiki.

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